Her heart was one of the kindest.
Her soul, one of the most unique.
Her body was her temple where she couldn’t help but to paint its walls.
Her mind was unpredictable; not even she knew what to expect.

A wildflower, surrounded by sunflowers and daisies.
Something was different.

Only the luckiest of people, she would blossom for.

When she blossoms it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.
You’ll find yourself speechless and find yourself falling for her without warning.

But, she won’t realize that it’s happening.
Only you.
Only you realize what she’s done.

She blossoms rapidly, but will only blossom for you.
If you’re lucky, she’ll fall under you just as you fall under her spell.

This is it.
She has you and you can’t figure out how it happened.

You don’t know what you love about her the most.

Is it her smile when she sees the sunset or the moon?
Or could it be the way her whole body glows when she makes someone smile?
Or maybe it’s her vibe. The way her soul welcomes you and makes you apart of her.

She makes it so easy to fall so hard.

You won’t expect it, you won’t realize it.

It’ll be when you’re watching her do her makeup,
Or when she’s sleeping,
Or even when she’s angry with you,
You’ll realize how hard you’ve fallen for her.

You’ll tell her how much you love her,
But it could never describe how in love you are with her.
You’ve never experienced a love like this.

You know she believes you when you say “I love you”,
But you wish you could put into words the feeling you get;

The feeling you get when you make her smile,
The feeling you get when she holds onto you with all of her might,
The feeling you get when you hear her laughter.

You come to terms that you’ll never be able to fully express these feelings with words.
Yet, you still get the urge to attempt to explain this love.

And for some reason, at 2am, these emotions flood your heart and soul.

If she’s not sleeping next to you, you can’t sleep;
If she is, all you do is watch her.
Watch her eyes flutter as she’s far away dreaming,
Watch her twitch and sprawl out, making herself comfortable.

You think about how lucky you are,
How lucky it is for you to wind up with a girl like her.

She’s an angel, the one you’ve been waiting for, the one you need, and you never want to lose her.

She is your universe.


Your Broken Heart

I know it breaks your heart
Knowing that she’s over you,
Knowing that she’s happy being on her own,
Knowing that you’re nothing to her now.

She knows what you did
And it hurt her,
But she doesn’t care anymore.
It has no effect on her or her life
Because you’re finally out of it.

It’s a pity to be you.
You know what you did,
But you still want to see her
To ‘strictly catch up’.

You know that’s not all you want
And so does she.
You’d plead to know who’s new in her life
And she’d laugh
Because she’ll know you’re just being nosey.

You’d fight with her,
Call her names,
Try to insult her,
But again, she’ll just laugh
And then she’d say
‘It’s a pity to be you.’

You want to know things about her
So that you feel like you’re still apart of her,
But you’re not.
You never will be again.

You’re nothing to her now,
But a small wrong turn in the past.
The one person she thought that could’ve help her
Wound up hurting her the most.

She doesn’t care anymore.
Although there was no apology
She forgave you
So she could move on.
So she wouldn’t be stuck.

But you realize
You’re the one that’s stuck.
You miss her.
You know you fucked up
And it breaks your heart.

Guide to Healing Crystals

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“Be the energy you want to attract.”

Crystals. These gems have been used for years, dating back to ancient times where people used them for healing and beauty. Much like we still do today. The practice of using crystals is a spiritual tradition and not necessarily attached to a specific religion.

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Healing crystals are a way to balance energy spiritually, some examples are in relationships, emotions, beauty and your inner core. Different types of crystals carry different energies. Some make us “more attractive” to others, calmer, peaceful, enable self love, boost your mood and even help control emotions.

“Crystals are the essence of life manifesting within the Earth. They can be used to return our being back to a state of harmony and flow.” –Voltlin.com

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWhat types of healing crystals are there?

There are tons of different types of crystals that each serve different purposes, and have different energy…

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The “Comedy” Show

On Thursday I brought my boyfriend Connor to a comedy show on 3 Ave at The Comedy Cellar. It was his birthday so I thought that we’d do something fun. We were directly in the front row and directly in front of where the comedians would be.
It got off to a pretty slow start, and about 4 comedians in, a woman got on the small stage. I had high hopes for her because, obviously, chicks rule, boys drool. However her performance was the least funny out of all of them.

She was very monotoned and had a dry sense of humor, which is respectable because both my boyfriend and I have pretty dry humor. We knew how to take her jokes and could see the way she’d approach her comedy. About a minute in, she begins making fun of her body and self-image, which most comedians do. Then her skit took a darker route.

She began joking about depression. For anyone who doesn’t know, I suffer from major depression and an anxiety disorder. I’ve suffered from these disorders since I was about 11 years old after my father passed away, so I don’t take depression or anxiety lightly. I don’t remember everything she said exactly because, honestly, I blanked. She made jokes about being depressed, suicide, and said something along the lines of “what’s so bad about just putting yourself out of misery?” I was in tears.

I sat there in the front row holding my boyfriend’s hand as tight as I could. No one was laughing, no one found it funny, yet her whole skit was based upon jokes about depression. The sick part is, she noticed and addressed the silence in the room and still continued her “jokes”. People barely clapped when she left the stage.

This is not okay. Depression and suicide are SERIOUS and NOT something people find funny, especially today. Today there are thousands and thousands of people who suffer from depression and who are suicidal. Only a PORTION of those people tell someone about what they’re going through because of outsiders like this. Outsiders who think it’s a joke, or that we’re overdramatic. Outsiders who think that they can try to lighten someone’s perspective of depression and suicide, when there is NOTHING light about it.

This needs to stop. When people who suffer from depression hear things like this, I can imagine it causes them to retract. To keep their depressive and suicidal thoughts to themselves because they don’t know if they’ll get support or a laugh in return. They don’t know if they’ll be taken seriously or brushed off as a joke.

However, although there’s people who brush off depression, there’s even more people who are here to support you. Who love you so much and would lose their mind if you were to disappear. Who will do absolutely anything to make you okay. Do not be afraid to acknowledge your symptoms and seek help. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts (or any mental health issues for that matter), we are here, we love you, and you are so incredibly brave.

Everyone should take 4 minutes to listen to Logic’s song regarding suicide and depression. The title of the song is the Suicide Hotline number. First, he sings from the point of view of a suicidal person calling the suicide hotline. Next he takes the point of view of the Suicide Hotline call receiver. Finally he takes the point of view of the same person who called, who is no longer suicidal. It’s a great song and it has helped so many individuals.

You are amazing and you are loved.

National Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255